Electric Motion Canada is the exclusive importer and distributor of EM electric dirt bikes, parts and accessories.

Electric Motion is setting a new standard for what electric dirt bikes can be.

2024 New Features

New Mobile App

Get a full access to your EM bike and data from your smartphone with the EM Connect

With the app, you can:

  • Customize your bike’s settings to match performance to the track and your riding style. By adjusting the throttle, re- generative braking, power, or activating the TKO function, you can create your own riding style.
  • See all your bike’s important data live: battery level, engine speed, map engaged. Your smartphone becomes a real dashboard


StandARd Features


    2023 new feature, the “Anti-Reverse” system allows the rider to lock the rear wheel in extreme roll back situations.

  • REIGER 2-WAY Suspension

    • Brings more dynamism to the EM Bike
    • Feeling of lightness
    • Improved traction
    • Weight gain
  • Diaphram Clutch

    The Epure Sport model is equipped with a diaphragm clutch with a hydraulic control, made for competition

    Essential system for the high-level competitors, here is what will make them clear the highest obstacles, with a perfect control.

  • Clutch & Clutch Piston Assembly

    • Better responsiveness and sensitivity
    • More clutch force
    • More liveliness
  • FlyWheel

    • Improved sensitivity and power control
    • Better mechanical system for improved precision
  • Pedal Tip

    Improved ergonomics, quality and better support surface.

  • Domino Throttle

    • Improves sensitivity and power control
    • Better mechanical system for improved precision
  • Rocker Shafts/Tie Rods

    • Improved and homogeneous suspension kinematics
    • Accuracy and increased sensitivity of damping

Special Features

  • Traction Control

    By definition, off-road riding is going to offer you extreme conditions in which it is sometimes difficult to maintain control and traction of your bike.

    Fortunately, Traction Control offers you the best possible traction to keep control in all circumstances.

  • TKO (Tick Over)

    Directly from the racing department, the Epure Race is now equipped with the TKO, a significant innovation for riders.

    With six maps available, including 3 with TKO, it’s up to you to activate or deactivate it to get the most out of your EM bike.

  • Hydraulic Clutch

    • Clutch and Clutch Piston Assembly
    • Better Responsiveness and Sensitivity
    • More Clutch Force
    • More Liveliness

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We thank all those who have joined the EM family and welcome all the new members who have trusted us in discovering the joys of electric dirt bike ownership.

Great E-Bikes and superb support. Absolutely Happy!

Frank Schneider

Owner of a 2022 Épure Race… Bluffing after years of thermals.
Well done for the job. Don’t forget the easy customer updates… 😉

Alain Vito

I discovered this company in its infancy, and I am proud and delighted to have purchased two “escape 2020” models…

Pascal Giovagnoli