The Latest Electric Dirt Bike Trends And Technology

The electric vehicle industry has made significant technological advances in recent years, allowing manufacturers to put out more powerful, compact battery packs and motors.

And no vehicle has benefited more from these advances than the electric dirt bike.

You could say that this off-roading segment was barely on anyone’s radar up until a few years ago! The technology wasn’t there, so electric dirt bikes couldn’t compete with their gas-powered counterparts.

However, with the latest and most significant developments in the electric dirt bike industry, increasingly more capable models have been hitting the market regularly – and they’re undoubtedly worth any dirt bike lover’s attention.

So, if you’ve been wondering whether moving from traditional dirt bikes to electric ones would be worth it or are just curious about what has happened in this growing industry, you’ve come to the right place!

We will break down some of the latest electric dirt bike trends and technology to better understand what to expect from these off-road vehicles and whether they’d be right for you. Let’s get started!

A Move Away From Gas-Powered Dirt Bike Chassis and Suspension Components

Early models of electric dirt bikes were often quite comparable to gas-powered ones, as they used a similar chassis and suspension setup.

And from a manufacturer’s point of view, this makes sense – you want an electric dirt bike to look like a traditional one to appeal to the same audience.

However, this setup presented some issues. E dirt bikes tended to weigh more and have a poorer range than gas-powered models when equipped with the more traditional chassis and suspension components.

And as you can probably imagine, this wasn’t exactly a selling factor! Within the last few years, though, manufacturers have been working to fix this problem.

These days, brands have been experimenting with more lightweight frames and suspension, keeping the electric dirt bike overall size and weight small, the high torque power can easily perform as well as a gas powered motorcycle.

A great example of this is the 2023 Escape by Electric Motion. Coming in at just 183 lbs, it’s directly comparable to its gas-powered counterparts, so weight is no longer an issue.

Innovative Features Like the Hydraulic Diaphragm Clutch Allow You to Perfectly Modulate the Power

Electric dirt bikes of the past didn’t include a fully-functioning hydraulic diaphragm clutch to the general public – Electric Motion was the first.

This setup featured on models like the 2023 Escape R takes the electric drivetrain to a new level. It is truly a revolutionary advancement in the world of electric dirt bikes.

Not only can you perfectly adjust the motor’s power with the clutch, but you can also control the traction of the rear wheel and even load the bike’s suspension for significant obstacles.

This was not possible on electric motorcycles before, and it is a real game changer for those who need these features to suit their riding style.

Newer Battery and PBR Technology Gives Electric Dirt Bikes More Range Than Ever Before

bike handle with controls

Previously, one of the most significant drawbacks to electric dirt bikes was their range. The battery technology at the time simply didn’t hold enough power to get a decent amount of ride time out of a single charge.

However, these bikes are becoming much more efficient at storing energy thanks to the latest lithium-ion battery technologies.

A dirt ebike like the 2023 Escape R by Electric Motion, for example, can give you a range of around 61 km with its 50.4V lithium-ion battery. That’s not exactly a quick lap around the neighbourhood!

But even if you run out of juice on those long adventures out in the backcountry, you won’t have to wait too long for your electric dirtbike to fully charge before hitting the trails again. With the standard 15A charger, you only look at about 4.25 hours of charge time.

And if that’s still too long, you can upgrade to the 25A optional charger – that’ll have you back out there in 3.25 hours.

And the battery isn’t the only reason you can get more range out of the Escape models of electric dirt bikes. Innovative technology like the Progressive Regenerative Brake (PRB) system with this model certainly plays a role.

When you enable PBR on the left-hand lever, it works similarly to a rear brake – but with a twist. Pulling the hand lever in slows the rear wheel while engaging the regenerative engine brake, allowing you to charge the battery. And, of course, the more charge the battery has, the further your range.

Now, this feature comes standard on the 2023 Escape, but it’s optional on the 2023 Escape R. This is because the latter model allows you to integrate it with the hydraulic clutch, which is another major innovation.

A Great Way to Supplement a Dirt Biking Hobby – And Have Even More Fun Doing It

stuntman with dirt bike

Now, if you’re an avid dirt biker, the range we described above may have you thinking, “what am I supposed to do with that – I spend all day riding!”. And that’s fair – not everyone is down to take a break for a few hours when they have a fantastic time hitting trails or trials.

But that’s precisely why so many dirt biking enthusiasts have embraced electric dirt bikes, not to replace their favourite hobby but to supplement it.

Many dirt bikers and even mountain bikers have found that mixing some electric dirt biking time with their regular riding schedule has some real benefits.

Not only can it help you cross-train, but it also can allow you to hit the trails more often and in a different way.

Mountain bikers, for example, often find that an electric bike helps them tackle hills easier and ride further than ever before. Singletrack that was previously out of reach suddenly becomes more possible in a way that it hadn’t before.

And dirt bikers can get in a different kind of workout with a pedal-assisted bike and maybe even get the opportunity to try out and explore some alternative trails themselves.

The silent nature of an electric dirt bike makes it much easier to hit up your local mountain bike tracks and trails – but only if you’re allowed.

An electric dirt bike is anything but limiting your dirt biking time – enabling you to experience your favourite sport in a whole new way. And best of all? It’s a ton of fun!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the latest electric dirt bike trends and technology have come a long way. While electric dirt bikes were once considered significantly inferior to gas-powered ones, they’re catching up and becoming more comparable to them all the time.

So, if you’ve been thinking about moving to electric, now may be the time. With all the technology that’s gone into these newer models, you won’t be disappointed.