Epure Race

The Epure Race is the perfect mix of performance and ease of use and for competition or for play.

Regenerative breaking (PRB)

Take Over (TKO)



Hydraulic Controlled Diaphram Clutch

Trials Competition
Enduro Training

The Epure Race is aimed at all those who wish to ride trials, with a silent bike requiring almost no maintenance.

The 2023 model offers a major innovation with the appearance of the “anti-reverse” technology. in addition to the traction control” already present! Stay in control of your bike in all conditions.

Whether you are a private rider, a aiding school, or an off-road center, the Epure Race will delight a large number of enthusiasts.

2024 New Features

Epure Race



Epure Race


Technical Sheet

Front Brake182 MM Disc 4 Pistons
Rear Brake150 MM Disc 2-Pistons
Front RimMorad Trial 1.6″x21″
Rear RimMorad Trial 2.15″x18″
TiresMichelin X11
Front SuspensionTech 175 MM
Rear SuspensionR16V 170 MM


Saddle Height670 MM
Wheelbase1325 MM
Ground Clearance320 MM
Footrest Height360 MM
Width825 MM

Stock Equipment

  • Maps
  • PRB
  • Traction Control
  • Antireverse


  • School Maps
  • 25A Charger (1I-145)
  • EM Hand Guards


Voltage50.4 V
Capacity1875 WH
Weight10.5 KG
Charger15 A
Charging Time21-130
Life Cycle1000
Minimum Charging Temperature0°C


Power Rating6 KW
Peak Power11 KW


Max Speed70 KM/H
Range43 KM
Weight75 KG
Torque600 NM


  • Clutch & Clutch Piston Assembly

    • Better responsiveness and sensitivity
    • More clutch force
    • More liveliness
  • FlyWheel

    • Improved sensitivity and power control
    • Better mechanical system for improved precision
  • TKO (Tick Over)

    Directly from the racing department, the Epure Race is now equipped with the TKO, a significant innovation for riders.

    With six maps available, including 3 with TKO, it’s up to you to activate or deactivate it to get the most out of your EM bike.